Tent Conference Cam System

Case Study

Do you feel like most conference cameras systems are confusing and tedious? This project concentrates on creating a conference camera that inspires creativity and collaboration.


Help dispersed teams work together


Innovation Workshops
Design Sprints

We ran an innovation workshopping to define the challenge and learned that individuals have difficulties seamlessly interacting and collaborating together due to their camera system.


Understand journey

    We researched our target audience and the user journey to develop a list of wanted and needs.

Understand market

The world is filled with conference camera that are iterations of each other, and very little innovation. Our goal was to find out what has succeed, and how to break from the stigma of repetition.


    Simple & intuitive

    We wanted to express the inner creative. The Tent conference is for the organizations that are fun, creative, expressive, and collaberative. 

    Giving the Viewer More Control

    Future State Storyboard

    Visual Design Sprints

    We develop a multitude of concepts and ideas and rapidly iterative around them to get to final paper protrotypes for user testing.

    We Always ask:

    • How can we enhance the experience through the design?
    • Are we aligning to branding?
    • Is the aesthetic realistic for manufacture?

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    We will help you in your journey. We look forward to working together!