Innovation Design Sprints

Future-Oriented Strategic Planning

At Moi Studio, an innovation design sprint is a focused,  strategic, highly engaging, and collaborative series of workshops. We take you through a human-centered design thinking process. Where empathize, define, strategize, & ideate solutions to aid your company’s new innovation strategy. Focus your sessions with Moi Studio to develop strategic innovation solutions for business, services, & products.

Fast Focused Disruptive Innovation 

What type of Innovation Sprint do you need?

innovation problem solving design thinking process | Moi Studio

Strategy Design Sprint

We facilitate a strategic workshop to find opportunity spaces to grow your business. Get an outside view of your market to develop future orient disruptive innovation.

Outputs: Future Roadmaps, Business Structure Audit, New Opportunity Exploration… & More.

Length: 2hr-8hr

Service Design Sprint

Focus your business infrastructure and offered services. Find service design opportunity spaces to grow your company. We facilitate meetings and develop ideas together.

Outputs: Customer Journey Mapping, Blueprinting, Service Audit… & More.

Length: 4hr-1week
innovation problem solving design thinking process | Moi Studio

Product Design Sprint

Focused design brainstorm for products. We develop visual aesthetics based on customers, branding, and market understanding. This is a great method to brainstorm ideas fast.

Outpost: Paper, Virtual, or Physical Aesthetic Mockups

Length: 2hr-8hr

Benefits of Moi Studio Sprints 

Experienced Session Facilitation

Moi Studio utilizes its years of experience to focus and facilitate your sessions.

Focused Innovation

We focus our design sprints on innovation strategy, service design, and product design.


Spend Hours, Not Weeks

We will compress weeks of work into focused innovation sessions.

Bring Key Stakeholders Together

Bring key stakeholders together to make decisions without a week-long obligation.

Rapid Generation of Ideas

Utilizing agile design thinking techniques for rapid idea generation.


Solve Complex Challenges

Bringing the right people to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

Virtual Sprint Sessions

We facilitate our workshops virtually. Innovate from anywhere.

Coaching, Training, Mentorship

We train and mentor you throughout the innovation process.

More of Our Problem Solving Capabilities 

Schedule a Workshop or Sprint

We are fighting COVID-19 by running all our innovation design sprints remotely. Don’t worry, we are an experienced distributed team & utilize great virtual tools to innovate together.

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