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Moi Studio is your strategic innovation center focused on developing positive solutions to the biggest problem in the world and teaching the innovators of tomorrow. We utilize design thinking methods such as innovation design sprints & workshops, service design methodologies, visual storytelling, and industrial design to strategize, ideate, and execute solutions.

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We understand the need to find a trustworthy innovation agency. A partnership that will enhance your workflow & deliver innovated design solutions. Moi Studio is transparent and honest with you about deadlines, deliverables, and strategic recommendations. We collaborate with you and your users/audience to develop innovated solutions together. Are you ready?

Working together to develop strategic innovation

We Advocate Positive Strategic Solutions 

We are Mission Driven!

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Positive Change Innovation

Moi Studio is mission-driven to deliver positive solutions. We advocate solutions that positively impact people, markets, nature, and the society we live in. Let’s create positive change together.

Lets Innovate Together!

Innovation Business Training

Moi Studio believes business leaders should understand their surroundings to make strategic decisions for their business, coworkers, and customers.

Elavating Businesses!

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Why You Learn, Develop, & Grow With Moi Studio 

Positive Change Innovation

We advocate for sustainable design solutions that will help improve lives, markets, nature, and the society we live in.

Multi-Disciplinary Process

User-centered, system-oriented, and educational mindset. We balance Service Design, Design Sprints, Visual Storytelling, & Industrial Design to innovate.


Giving Back to Society

We have pledged to donate 10% of our educational sales to charities. We want to help protect nature and help grow our future innovators.

Working Remotely Together

Our distributed team facilitates and leads innovation sessions virtually. This allows us to design with clients nationally and internationally.

SAM Registered

SAM registered. We are always ready to innovate on a national & global scale with governments. Let’s make the world a better place.


Minority Diversity Certified

We represent minorities as an organization to bring diversity, inclusivity, and awareness.

Future Oriented

Let’s develop disruptive innovation solutions together with future growth in mind.

Coaching, Training, Mentorship

We train and mentor you throughout the innovation process.

Innovation Leadership 

Moises Araya, M. Des.

Innovation Strategist | Service Design Thinker | Facilitator | Educator

Moises Araya founded Moi Studio with the mission to deliver a positive impact. Moises leads the strategic initiatives at Moi Studio. He has experience developing service design infrastructures, leading strategic initiatives, communicating ideas, innovation education, and developing an innovative culture in businesses. Moises will help you develop your ideas and guide you towards strategic innovative solutions.

Moises Araya Strategic innovation, designer, design thinker, service designer,facilitator, educator, coach, founder of Moi Studio

Moi Studio Innovation Questions

We see similar questions when we discuss innovation with others. Some questions refer to Moi Studio. Others refer to the topic of innovating as an organization. We decided to answer these questions in case they relate to you. If you have a question about innovation, make sure to schedule a meeting with us and we can talk!

How can my organization innovate?

The first step is being here at Moi Studio. Innovative leadership is the most essential part of developing a new innovation culture. It is a necessity. You must have the desire & courage to think differently in an organization. Your team must embrace an innovative mindset, to harness strategic human-centered design tools. Remember, emphasizing leads to growth.

Where can I learn more about innovation?

At Moi Studio, we offer workshops for your team, online innovation training, and a catalog of information throughout our website. We also schedule team training workshops. To learn more visit our Learn page.

How does Moi Studio develop solutions?

Our innovation process follows a combination of design thinking and service design methodologies. Understand, develop, & execute. Fast learning, agile methodology, research-based decision making, be human/user-centered, and visualize ideas/concepts. To learn more visit our Develop page.

Do you accept ownership or stocks as a form of payment?

We do work with organizations, especially earlier stage ones such as startups or with entrepreneurs to talk about ownership payments, but this is situational based on evaluated opportunity. There has to be a clear opportunity for growth.

What if we don’t have the budget?

Affording reliable design development can be difficult when you have a small budget. Our suggestion is to reduce the scope of work you want to do. Or create bite-sized phases to validate your work to your leadership team and ask for additional funding. Design and innovation development is not inexpensive, like anything that outputs value, but it truly worth it.

What is the cost for Moi Studio to develop solutions?

Project cost varies on each individual innovation project. No two are the same. We work together to develop a project plan and a cost breakdown. We always advise our clients to be wary of concentrating on the most inexpensive quote. Rather, look for a resource that you can incorporate into your team, is reliable, and has knowledgeable leadership with direct design experience.

What makes Moi Studio different?

Moi Studio is unique in the services we offer and adaptability to your team. We are a passionate experienced team. We look forward to helping you succeed through our innovative system-oriented, user-centered, and educational mindset.

What’s should I take Moi Studio’s Education Courses?

Moi Studio’s innovation education platform is based on industry-proven tools, skillsets, methods, & techniques that we utilize to help our clients innovate. We want to cultivate innovation within your organization. To learn more visit our Learn page.

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