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How does that design work? What are you talking about? I’m bored!!!

This may seem harsh, but these thoughts often go through your audience’s mind when you discuss your design. Your team’s or company’s designs may be amazing aesthetically and functionally, but if your team does not get all the information across then it may just be pushed aside and scraped.

This is why you need storytelling in your design process, whether it’s in product design, experience design, branding, service design and many more. Storytelling can help your team fully describe your design using intentional visualizations. Today, we will discuss three reasons that storytelling can positively influence your design process: Display Complex Experiences, Gain Customer Insight, and Speed Up Decision Making

Display complex experiences

Sometimes a design experience is too complex that words do not do it justice. Your audience, such as your higher-ups, teammates, or customers may not understand all the information you want to discuss. By utilizing storyboard visualizations of your design process, your team can display ideas and concepts in a matter of minutes that would take hours to properly describe to others.

Gain Customer Insight

Customers need to understand and make quick decisions about your design. When retrieving customer input on your designs, visual storytelling will help customers make decisions about different aesthetics, features, and services. This is convenient when you need to showcase a design’s features without extensive proctoring and supervision. Everything you need is in the visuals, so customer insights become more efficient.

speed up decision making

By visualizing your ideas properly, your team will make a decision faster. You will all be on the same page due to mutual understanding rather than building on misunderstandings. Design projects often fail due to misunderstandings the design experience, leading to wrong decisions, delayed deadlines, and extra expenditures. Instead, design storyboard visuals will help your team make proper decisions in a timely manner.

Therefore, think about your design and whether you see the need to tell you designs visually through storytelling. Does your team have misunderstandings? Are you missing information in your design explorations? Storytelling can solve these issues and many more. Storytelling is currently underutilized in the design field, so make sure to consider it in your next project and I assure you that good storytelling visuals will help you be successful.

Are you interested in learning more about how to include storytelling your design, project, and/or company