Innovation Sprints

At Moi Studio, an innovation sprint is a strategic, highly engaging, and collaborative 1-2 week series of workshops going through the design thinking process. We empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and then test solutions to aid your company’s innovation.

Disruptive Innovation

Innovation sprints focuses our strategic initiatives. We empathize, understand markets, develop ideas, and test ideas. This process allows us to develop solutions that add value to you, your customers, and your organization.

How we Innovate

Our process is based on the google ventures’ design sprint process. We define the challenges, develop ideas, down-select ideas, visually explore solutions, develop solution prototypes, and test prototypes with users.

 Outcomes: Develop a strategic roadmap towards the next steps based on user feedback.

Only Need Help in Defining and Ideating?

Does your team only need assistance with defining, ideating, down-selecting, or exploring solutions? If so, Moi Studio offers focused innovation workshops.  An innovation workshop is a half-day to two-day collaborative group session focused on defining, ideating, down-selecting, or generating solutions towards a problem or prompt.

Schedule a Workshop or Sprint

To fight COVID-19 we are currently running our workshops and design sprints remotely. Don’t worry, we will guide you through the process and innovate together.

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