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Impactful Experiences through Experience Webs

Companies are often looking to grow and increase the awareness of their brand throughout the customer’s experience. But there is often a disconnect from and opportunity lose due to lack of exploration. It is simple yet hard to discover and invest in areas that great innovation and inspire brand awareness. Products or services that are hidden away from the user find this especially difficult, for example, HVAC systems. HVAC systems are products that always assist and supply customers an impactful service, AIR, but do we remember what system we have. What the brand is?

Create Experience Webs

At  Moi Studio, we call the linking of a company’s branding, products, and services an Experience Web. An Experience Web connects different portions of a company’s services and products to create positive influence throughout the customer experience. In this era, there is a trending theme of creating an interconnection of services and products. As more purposeful apps and products are developed, we are starting to see customers understanding areas of the systems that were never explored. This creates exposure and influence. 

Exposure to Cultivate Branding

When we create more links in an Experience Web, we promote exposure to customers and brand awareness. We create platforms that customers can utilize. Companies such as Nest are driven by this philosophy. They have created a platform to invite the customer in the temperature monitoring and modification. Nest connected the thermometer to computers, to phones, and any smart speaker we may have. Every time they added a meaningful new link in their Experience Web, they became more accessible and important to customers which has also led to their growth as a brand. As customers realize the importance a company has, this will lead to growth. This growth is a cyclical system led by the Experience Web of interconnections. These connections can be extremely impactful and immerse the customer into the brand.

Caution of Experience Webs

The opposite is also true. Experience Webs are only positively impactful is they are meaningful. Our philosophy at Moi Studio is to be Simple, Intuitive, and Meaningful. We include the meaningful for a reason. If we try to link areas in the customer journey that are meaningless, then it will obviously be hurtful to a company’s brand and growth. So, always remember to be meaningful in creating a link in the Experience Web.

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