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How can Strategy Impact your Design Process? Learn 3 Reasons How!

Strategy can change your company’s DNA as you know it. Really, I’m not joking!

So we can all be on the same page, what do I mean by Strategy?
At this moment, accept this as a working definition: Strategy is the process of exploring thoughts and ideas in order to formulate a set plan for your design direction and decisions to reach a goal. We will focus on aspects of Design Strategy, Product Strategy, Business Strategy, and Brand Strategy.

Back to our conversation of Strategy. When Strategy is used properly, it will positively impact your team dynamics, work environment, market share, customer experiences, brand perception, and so much more. Why is that? What is it about Strategy that helps you do all this? Below, I will discuss a couple of reasons how Strategy can impact your process. They are simpler than you think, yet powerful once applied properly. Even more powerful when facilitated properly.

Time to Think

One of the reasons Strategy has such a positive impact is because it allows you to think. Not just allow, Strategizing “forces” you to think. The cliché term “think outside the box” relates to this, but it’s more like thinking outside the box that is outside that box. And then thinking outside that box. In other words, the boxes relate to the barriers you first placed before having a Strategy session. The goal is to break out and explore avenues you haven’t thought of. Before you know it, you will build on your thoughts and ideas and achieve higher creativity.

Earlier Is Better

I always recommend to peers and clients that they should use Strategic thinking as early as possible in their design process. You learn early of loopholes in your company or design, rather than an expensive process of learning later towards the end of a design project. At Moi Studio, we like to start projects with a Strategy session to make sure that the project we’re working on has merit. Seriously, we don’t want to waste our client’s time and money by building on an idea that does not look like it’s going to make it. Sometimes, Strategy is all we do. Sit down and Strategize. Being stuck sucks. You may be stuck on an idea, concept, company direction, brand execution, or product design. So getting unstuck can be extremely important and save your company or design. To prevent getting stuck, do Strategic thinking early in your design process to prevent the bad turns that can lie ahead.

Prevent Tunnel Vision

It is almost a validation of your thought process when you go through a Strategy session. Remember, one person’s point of view is always very limited, and you can start to tunnel vision yourself easily. I do it. Admit it, you do it too. There’s no reason to think your clients, team leaders, or even experienced professionals won’t. I think about the millions of dollars that go into even the simplest of designs. That’s crazy, right, but it’s the reality. Therefore, you must be very careful and wise towards what design direction you wanna go. Use Strategy to ensure you think outside your norm.

So… Why isn’t everyone incorporating Strategy?

Usually, lack of Strategy comes from one of the following: lack of knowledge, proper guidance, money, time, and leadership. Individuals may have heard of Strategy, but don’t understand how to incorporate it. Others are being told that Strategy is too expensive and time-consuming. Yes, it may cost you time and money early on, but the opportunity cost and delays in the later phases of your process will cost you ten-fold in both time and money due to lack of discovery early on. Lastly, there is a lack of leadership in companies big and small that want to incorporate Strategy into their design process. My advice to all of you, use Strategy in your design process. If you don’t know how to reach out to someone who does or learn the process. It will change the way you approach projects and make you, your company, and your designs more successful.


We will help you in your journey. We look forward to working together!