Future Oriented Innovation

At Moi Studio, we harness design to create life-long customers. We work together with our clients to study human behavior in order to create solutions for our collective future. We are a fluid company of passionate and creative individuals that enjoy cultivating ideas into innovative solutions. Regardless if you are a startup, a billion-dollar company, or somewhere in between, we work together with you to innovate for tomorrow.

Multidisciplinary Mindset


Moises Araya

Founder, Head of Design and Strategy

Moises Araya is the founder of Moi Studio LLC with the purpose of creating positive innovative solutions. Moises promotes customer understanding, research-based decisions, strategic visualization, and education of innovation techniques. Moises leads the design efforts at Moi Studio to get you where you want to go. 

Our commonly asked questions.

Sometimes, we see similar questions, so we decided to answer them in case you have the same questions. If you have a questions, make sure to reach out to us!

How can we innovate?

The first step is being here at Moi Studio. Proper design leadership is probably the most essential part of innovation. It is necessary to have the desire and courage to think differently in an organization. You and your team must be open to trying new tools to understand and design for the user.

What if we don’t have the budget?

Affording design work can be difficult when you have a small budget. The best suggestion we can give is to reduce the scope of work you want to do or to create bite-sized phases. Design work is not inexpensive, like anything that outputs value, but it is definitely worth it.

How much do you cost?

Project cost varies on each individual design project. No two are the same. We will work with you to come up with a plan and a cost breakdown. Overall, we always advise our clients to be wary of looking for the most inexpensive quote. Rather, look for a design resource that you can incorporate into your team, is reliable, and has knowledgeable leadership with direct design experience.

Do you accept ownership or stocks as a form of payment?

We do work with organizations, especially earlier stage ones in varying methods such as this, but this varies case by case.

How big is your team?

Our team is fluid with passionate professionals. We will mobilize specifically to your design needs.

Where can I learn more about design?

Here at Moi Studio, we offer workshops for your team, online training content, and a catalog of information throughout our website. Click here to learn more.

What makes Moi Studio different?

Moi Studio is unique in the services we offer and adaptability to your team. We are a passionate and experienced team and look forward to helping you with your next design challenge.


We will help you in your journey. We look forward to working together!