Future Oriented Innovation

At Moi Studio, we harness design to create life-long customers. We work together with our clients to study human behavior in order to create solutions for our collective future. We are a fluid company of passionate and creative individuals that enjoy cultivating ideas into innovative solutions. Regardless if you are a startup, a billion-dollar company, or somewhere in between, we work together with you to innovate for tomorrow.


Moises Araya

Founder, Head of Design and Strategy

Moises Araya is the founder of Moi Studio LLC. Moises founded Moi Studio with the purpose of creating positive innovative solutions. To promote wellness, sustainability, and help clients that seek innovation. Moises has experience in a broad range of industries, including: healthcare, education, and consumer among others. Moises leads the design efforts at Moi Studio to get you where you want to go. 

Fun Facts: Costa Rican, Likes to play tennis


We will help you in your journey. We look forward to working together!