Metro Train Experience.

Moi Studio
“This project was a strategic exploration towards the metro train space. We tried to tackle different user painpoints with innovated ideas.”


Increase Urban Train Ridership.


Service Design

Create An immersive train experience. Replacing user painpoints throughout the user journey and replacing them with moments of joy. The design focuses on “Bringing the Outside in” and connecting users to the culture of the city they travel. 

Intuitive, Fun and Dynamic Possibilities

Intentional Research

We investigated and searched for the hidden secrets throughout our observations and interviews.

Focused inspiration

Aesthetics and features are focused on creating moments of joy that captivate and enchance the passengers.

Ask, Ask, and Ask Users

Asking, observing, and finding user insights. We focused on user desires and painpoints.

Painpoints in the Metro Train Journey

After synthesizing our findings, we learned how passengers interact with the interior train environment and what they desired from the space. Passengers were broken down into 3 categories: Avid users, Causal users, and Rare Users. Through further exploration, we found  the painpoints that users faced through the metro train journey and focused our efforts in those areas.

Creating a new experience

We focused on interacting with the user. There are multiple touchpoints along the new journey that create moments of joy. Moments that engage, assist, and transform the train ride into something more. “An immersive experience.”

Informed Ideation leads to innovative solutions.

Other Recent Works
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