Tent Conference Camera

Moi Studio
Don’t most conference camera feel and work the same. This project concentrates on creating a conference camera that inspires creativity, fun, and collaboration.


Disrupt the Conference Camera Market


Industrial Design
Service Design

Redefine how the conference camera is utilized in order to inspire creativity and collaboration. Focusing on aesthetic design and user experience.

Redefine Journey

In order to develop truly change the experience of the user, we took a deep dive into the whys and hows of the journey to discover opportunities to improve and innovate.

    Understand Market

    The world is filled with conference camera that are iterations of each other, and very little innovation. Our goal was to find out what has succeed, and how to break from the stigma of repetition.


      Fun & Intuitive

      We wanted to express the inner creative. The Tent conference is for the organizations that are fun, creative, expressive, and collaberative. 

      Define Form.

       When we work with our clients, we go through multiple iterations of refinement before reaching a place we are happy with.

      We Always ask:

      • How can we enhance the experience through the design?
      • Are we aligning to branding?
      • Is the aesthetic realistic for manufacture?
      Other Recent Works
      Below are some more of my case studies. Feel free to view to your heart’s content.

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