What we do.

At Moi.studio, we offer a diverse list of services in design strategy, storytelling , industrial design, service design, and illustration. 


intentional visualization

Moi Studio will work with you to create engaging and captivating visualizations for advertisement, editorial, film, games, and films.

Used in:

    • Digital Advertisement
    • Technical Illustrations
    • App Visualization
    • Website Imagery
    • Film and Video Game Concept Art
    • Published Media: Magazines, Book Covers, Event Promotional Content

We would love to create with you and your team!



Moi Studio will work with you to visually tell your stories, ideas, and experiences.

Storyboards are used for:

  • Exploration of Process
  • Technical Illustrations
  • Demonstration of Before and After Design Changes
  • A Highlight of Design Changes
  • Concept Explanation
  • Information For Use (IFU)
  • Startup Pitch
  • Internal Project Pitch
  • User Study Surveys
  • Voice of Customer Feedback

Brand Boot-camp

boot-camp to success

Moi Studio will work with you to understand and breakdown your brand. We will help you reach your audience or customers to ensure growth.

Reasons for Strategy Sessions:

    • Company Breakdown
    • Messaging
    • Marketing Opportunities
    • Website Interface
    • Customer Journey Breakdown

Design Strategy

Discover the missing links

Moi Studio will work with you to develop a strategic plan or roadmap to enhance your company. Let’s find what your strengths are and what areas you need to improve.

Reasons for Strategy Sessions:

    • 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Design Review
    • Find Opportunity Spaces
    • Need for Innovation

Want to learn more? Read our articleHow can Strategy Impact your Design Process” by clicking here

Product Design


Moi Studio will work with you to ensure the visual aesthetics and functionality align with your market and users. Make sure to check out our Tent Case Study” to learn more about the impact of Service Design and Industrial Design by clicking HERE.

  • Service Design
    • Design Thinking Methodology
    • Deep Dive into User Interaction
    • Find User Pain Points and Opportunity Spaces
  • Industrial Design
    • Human Center Design
    • Easy to Understand “Brainstorm Notes” or Technical Illustrations
    • Functional and Aesthetically Compelling Designs Ideation

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