What We Do?

At Moi.studio, we offer a diverse list of services in design strategy, storytelling , industrial design, and user experience design. “Start Now” or click through below for more info.



Industrial Design

Experience Design

Storytelling: Storyboarding

Goal: Moi Studio will work with you to visually tell your story, thoughts, and experience

    • Breakdown story into concise elements
    • Brainstorm and ideate key elements into visual illustrations
    • Create a final storyboard to display your concept, idea, experience or script

Results: Marketing or User Study Visuals, Detailed Storyboard, and more…

Company Strategy

Goal: Moi Studio will work with you to develop a strategic plan to define enhance your company’s experience internally and with customers:

    • Two-day boot camp
    • Define Services and Target Audience
    • Develop a value proposition
    • Create a strategic plan to incorporate unique messaging into your brand experience

Results: Concise Company Messaging, Brand Identity, Value Proposition, Website Brand Incorporation, and more…

Industrial Design

Goal: Moi Studio will work with you to develop and design your product’s visual aesthetics, functionality, and experience

    • Understand market trends, competition, and user needs
    • Incorporate or develop visual brand language to new product
    • Brainstorm and ideate product design ideas
    • Create final conceptual designs for your team

Results: User Friendly Design, Aesthetically Pleasing Product, Functional Concepts, and more…

Experience Design Development

Goal: Moi Studio will work with you to develop a plan to understand and improve your current or new user experience in products or services

    • Breakdown and analyze user experience in product or service
    • Find user pain points and opportunity spaces using journey maps, experience maps or storyboards
    • Develop an experience design strategy plan to improve the current experience or create it a great new experience
    • Design possible solutions for in opportunities spaces

Results: Find Experience Pain-points, Find Opportunities Spaces, Develop Solutions for New Experience, and more…

Start Now” and we will help you in your journey to strategize, design, and develop your storytelling, user experiences, and products. We look forward to working together!