What We Do?

At Moi.studio, we offer a diverse list of services in¬†design strategy,¬†storytelling , industrial design, and user experience design. “Start Now” or click through below for more info.



Industrial Design

Experience Design

Storytelling: Storyboarding

Goal: Moi Studio will work with you to visually tell your story, thoughts, and experience

    • Breakdown story into concise elements
    • Brainstorm and ideate key elements into visual illustrations
    • Create a final storyboard to display your concept, idea, experience or script

Results: Marketing or User Study Visuals, Detailed Storyboard, and more…

Company Strategy

Goal: Moi Studio will work with you to develop a strategic plan to define enhance your company’s experience internally and with customers:

    • Two-day boot camp
    • Define Services and Target Audience
    • Develop a¬†value proposition
    • Create a strategic plan to incorporate unique messaging into your brand experience

Results: Concise Company Messaging, Brand Identity, Value Proposition, Website Brand Incorporation, and more…

Industrial Design

Goal: Moi Studio will work with you to develop and design your product’s visual aesthetics, functionality, and experience

    • Understand market trends, competition,¬†and user needs
    • Incorporate or develop visual brand language to new product
    • Brainstorm and ideate product design ideas
    • Create final conceptual designs for your team

Results: User Friendly Design, Aesthetically Pleasing Product, Functional Concepts, and more…

Experience Design Development

Goal: Moi Studio will work with you to develop a plan to understand and improve your current or new user experience in products or services

    • Breakdown and analyze user experience in product or service
    • Find user pain points and opportunity spaces using journey maps, experience maps or storyboards
    • Develop an experience design strategy plan to improve the current experience or create it a great new experience
    • Design¬†possible solutions for in opportunities spaces

Results: Find Experience Pain-points, Find Opportunities Spaces, Develop Solutions for New Experience, and more…

‚ÄúStart Now‚ÄĚ and we will help you in your journey to¬†strategize, design, and develop your storytelling, user experiences, and products.¬†We look forward to working together!